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Jun. 14th, 2010 @ 12:41 pm (no subject)

. . . So, if you've got me on your Friend's List and you also have my communities on your list, or maybe your kiss (your kiss) is on my list, then you're probably seeing this multiple times. After you've seen it once, just skip it. It all says the same thing, but I'm putting it in all three journals because LiveJournal is Serious Business.

I'm shutting down deathtomyspaceF.L.A.M.E. -- The Federation of LiveJournalers Against MySpace Entirely. I deleted my MySpace account well over a year ago, having no need for it (except the last person I recall finding was pornstar Brandy Talore), and besides a few small bursts of enthusiasm? Never had a lot of support. So, I seriously doubt that my efforts to re-establish the community to fight against all other blogs besides LiveJournal would be successful.
And to tell the truth? Fuck it, I like Facebook. Sure, since I'm using the Wii for internet, I'm using the mobile web version of Facebook, but I kinda like it better than the real version. What am I missing? Chat? So what? Who would I chat to? Dani, Tina, Amber, and maybe my brother, that's about it. And still, you're not updated on when a thread is posted to or anything, the threads are all one long continuous stream... you can't comment to just one person, you're commenting to ALL persons... LJ is still better. Anyways.
So, psycho_pigeonZhunter, amelia_g, and especially the whole deal with Dani and iMeem, I appreciate your time and efforts, but it's over. No one cares anymore. I'll probably delete and purge the community within the week.

Twitter, on the other hand...
I fuckin' hate Twitter. And everyone seems to love it. The best thing I've seen about Twitter has been "Shit My Dad Says." That motherfucker is getting a book and is gonna get a goddamned TV show. Christ. He's the new Tourettes Guy.
Now at first, I really hated Twitter, mostly because people posted EVERYTHING to LJ. Now, I only know two people who post any Twitter to LJ, and it's only ever interesting things. I've told timacxTim that I wouldn't mind Twitter so much at all anymore if, since people obviously can use Twitter to post to LJ, if they would start using it to post things to quoteofthenightQuote of the Night.
I can't remember the last time QOTN was updated. Without looking, I think it was sometime in July when Brandi and I were down in Florida with Bex and the kids. I'm almost sure it was something Callista said, like not knowing she was being funny. Oh, Mommy... [EDIT -- I was wrong, there were several since, the most recent from Tina, and one from Bex about Ian farting that I deemed QOTN Memory Worthy]
SO! Start posting Quotes of the Nights via Twitter and I'll accept it, otherwise, stop texting while you're driving, stop texting while you're at the movies, stop texting so fucking much! You have a phone to fucking talk, spread the word and I know what you're thinking, you're sitting there thinking "Well, I don't do that, he doesn't mean me..."
Guess what, you're the problem.

secs_and_peaceSecs and Peace has always been my highest maintained community, the one I put the most effort into. I haven't updated it since almost April, though, due to lack of internet and active research topics at the house. I have several topics written down that need to be updated on, though, most notably the oil leak but I'm open to other suggestions.

That's The State of the LiveJournal. It's still the best social networking / blogging site there is. Better than Blogger, better than Facebook, better than Twitter, better than MySpace, better than Friendster, better than Foursquare, better than Xanga, MUCH better than Elance.
This is a place where ya get to know and actually care about people in more than 140 characters, the Cheers of social networking sites, Where Everybody Knows Your Name...
Of course, there's the occasional slash-fic freak, but that's nothing more than you're gonna run into everyday on the internet anyways. LJ. It's the place to be.
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